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2019年12月11日 15:59  點擊:[]

講座題目 On the potential function of an arbitrary graph H 講座時間 2019年12月14日15:00-16:00
講座地點 九號樓七層學術報告廳 主講人 尹建華教授
內容摘要 Given a graph H, a graphic sequence \pi is potentially H- graphic if there is a realization of \pi containing H as a subgraph. In 1991, Erdos, Jacobson and Lehel introduced the following problem: determine the minimum even integer \sg(H,n) such that each n-term graphic sequence with sum at least \sg(H,n) is potentially H-graphic. This problem can be viewed as a ``potential" degree sequence relaxation of the Turan problems. For an arbitrary graph H of order k, Ferrara et al. established an upper bound on \sg(H,n) as follows: If \omega=\omega(n) be an increasing function that tends to infinity with n, then there exists an N=N(\omega,H) such that \sg(H,n)\le \widetilde{\sg}(H)n +\omega(n) for any n\ge N, where \widetilde{\sg}(H) is a parameter only depending on the graph H. We obtain a new upper bound on \sg(H,n) so that \omega(n)=k^2-3k+4, that is, there exists an M=M(k,\alpha(H)) such that \sg(H,n)\le \widetilde{\sg}(H)n+k^2 -3k+4 for any n\ge M. 主講簡介 尹建華,海南大學數學系教授,碩士生導師。主要研究方向為圖論及其應用。先后主持自然科學基金項目多項,發表論文數十篇。

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